Inactive Members / Yearly Renewals


First let me state that it is very disturbing that NO ONE is bringing their memberships up to date. Master Frank Fuller is A Lifetime member so he is not included in this posting.  But To Date not one member is current on their dues. 

Exceptions //    Elmer Garrido Is and has built the website /  Membership dues PAID

Master Rick Brown is in charge of creating and producing new certificates / Membership dues  PAID

EVERYONE ELSE    Please support the TSDMAS by renewing your yearly dues


LIFETIME membership $250.00

Yearly Memberships

Student memberships $25.00  You charge $50.00 and put $25.00 back into your school

Black belt and master INCLUDING State representatives    $50.00 A Year

Unpaid and Non Renewal of memberships places YOU on the inactive list. And you will be removed from the website.

How to renew your memberships.

Quick and safe and secure PAYPAL   /

Or Snail Mail make checks payable to

David Zacker

6052 Stockbridge Commons Trail

Grand Blanc MI 48439

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