GM Zacker

Grand Master David Zacker

Grand Master Dave Zacker was born in Dearborn, MI. In 1956, Grand Master Zacker’s mother and grandmother moved to River Rouge, MI in 1960. Grand Master Zacker’s mother passed away in 1963 leaving his grandmother to raise him. That left Dave, his Brother, and his sister with no Father figure. Grand Master Zacker First began training in Chung Do Kwan Tae kwon Do along with a friend who’s uncle had just returned home from Korea . Then his journey began, Training in Tang Soo Do as a youth in the late 60’s. Grand Master Zacker would watch classes being taught by Master Dale T. Drouillard and finally his grandmother enrolled him.

In the early 70’s, he trained under Mr. Manuel (jr) Salis (one of Master Ed Ormanian’s top students) at the Ecorce Rowing Club. Grand Master Zacker recalls the training being hard and disciplined. Grand Master Zacker’s Gup tests were held at the legendary Korean Karate Academy in Allen Park by Master Ed Ormanion. Grand Master Zacker trained with Master Ormanian’s club through the 70’s.

In 1980, Master Zacker began training under Grandmaster Jae Joon Kim in Detroit, MI at his headquarters. Kim’s Karate trained then Detroit Mayor Coleman A Young’s body guards in self defense Grand Master Zacker recalls. He remained with Grandmaster Jae Joon Kim until he moved his headquarters to Florida in 1987.

Grand Master Zacker then returned to Grand Master Drouillard for a short time at the YMCA in Wyandotte, MI. He also trained with Master Ormanian in Allen Park, MI. Master Ormanion trained him in traditional Chinese weapons and Tang Soo Do.

In the 80’s, Grand Master Zacker opened his first school at the American GI Forum hall in Detroit. He taught traditional Tang Soo Do and weapons. His students won many titles on the open tournament circuit and the Michigan karate circuit. Master Zacker also began teaching students of tae kwon do in traditional weapons forming a bond with other clubs.

Also in the 1980s Master Zacker began training in Shotokan Karate along with his Tang Soo Do training under Master Bobby Bell of Detroit. He also trained and fight full contact and also training with weapons of Japan and Okinawa. The Training was intense remembers Grand Master Zacker. The closed door training sessions sometimes would last to the early hours of the morning. Grand Master Zacker was trained in bunkai (applications) and pressure points within the Katas. Grand Master Zacker formed a lasting friendship with Grand Master Bell and on October 22nd 2005 awarded his friend and teacher a life time achievement award at his tournament the War On The Floor.

In the mid 1980s Grand Master Zacker worked private security and was hired as a personal Body Guard.

In 1990 Grand Master David Zacker was Awarded Instructor of the Year.
In the early 1990’s, he opened another club at the Renaissance Youth Center in Detroit,MI. He also opened another club at the Latino Outreach Center in Detroit, MI. He was also the first to have a club alongside the pal boxing team. Again Grand Master Zacker’s students won many titles on the open karate circuit.

Also in the early 1990s Grand Master Zacker was appointed Director of security in the city of Dearborn Michigan along with being sworn in as an ordinance officer. Grand Master Zacker was director of security for the Dearborn Twin Towers, Ford World and Ford motor credit.

In early 1992 Grand Master Zacker joined Grandmaster Chong Su Kim’s Pan Am Tang Soo Do Federation. Grand Master Zacker opened the first Michigan chapter of Pan Am Tang Soo do federation. Zacker’s TANG SOO DO on Livernoise in Detroit Michigan until 1998. Again Grand Master Zacker’s students attended and won many tournament championships. The 1990’s also saw Grand Master Zacker working in the hospital systems with violent patients in the Emergency rooms and Psychiatric floors and the mentally challenged performing safety first restraints of such patients.

In 2002 Grand Master Zacker joined the Korea Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Society of Korea under Y. H. Kim. He then also opened a Michigan Tang Soo Do club sharing space with another instructor of Judo and Isshinryu karate showing a brotherhood between the two arts.